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Before you get started carrying your child in your new ChicKen ScRatch Sling, you will need to be familiar with the following terms and definitions.

Terms and definitions for your ring sling:

  • The sling is the carrier.
  • The tail is the end of the fabric that falls to your side.
  • The rails are the outer edges of the sling that have been trimmed in a thin accent fabric.
  • The rings are the 2 metal circles sewn into the shoulder. (This is used to adjust and secure your sling.)
  • The shoulder band is a signature band of accent fabric that only ChicKen ScRatch Slings offer. (This is a guide to help you place the shoulder of the sling.)
  • The shoulder is the structure of the sling that is designed specifically for each sling. (This is also the portion of the sling that you form once it is threaded.)
  • Threading is when you insert the fabric through the rings to create the sling.
  • Adjusting is when you tighten each rail individually in an upward motion, once your baby is in the sling, to get a tight and secure fit.

Please click on the images below to learn each of the carrying methods as well as some tips and tricks to making babywearing easier.

How to thread your chicken scratch sling How to put on your chicken scratch sling cradle carry in your chicken scratch sling How to cushion the rings of you chicken scratch sling

Tummy 2 Tummy carry in your chicken scratch sling Kangaroo carry in your chicken scratch sling Hip carry in your chicken scratch sling Adjusting your chicken scratch sling

Taking off your chicken scratch sling tips and tricks on using your csrs 

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